SONIK Sportswear

About us

The most important thing to know about SONIK is our commitment to providing you with a quality product and quality service.  We want your experience with us to be positively unique and we have a variety of ways in which our individualism stands out.

• SONIK is the first wholesale company to offer one stop purchasing and shipping to clubs that provide your teams with their specific needs with first class service and attractive pricing.

• At SONIK we have over 100 years of personnel involvement with soccer, ensuring that your needs will be thoroughly understood and met.

• SONIK is the first supplier to offer a color-matching package from the uniform to the tracksuit to the shoes.

• We will not copy the competition by offering giveaways, but will provide you with value priced packages tailored to your needs while supporting all clubs and their fundraising activities with a fundraising rebate package.

SONIK is in its second year of operation and is constantly looking for ways in which we can improve the SONIK experience. We know that with your suggestions and our willingness to listen that a long-term relationship can be established.